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Welcome to the the Universal Design E-World: An interactive community for professionals, educators, and students interested in learning and contributing to the advancement of Universal Design.
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Universal Design Training

Our goal is to increase the capacity for professions in the field of universal design through traditional and online continuing education, a comprehensive source for educational resources in universal design, and opportunities for advanced study in this field.

Continuing Education Courses

The IDeA Center has been offering online continuing education courses since 2008. Beginning in 2013, all of our courses will be updated to supplement our new textbook: Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments. The courses are designed for anyone (e.g., advocates, builders/contractors, planners, architects, occupational and physical therapists, and policymakers) interested in learning about the universal design of places, products, and systems with a particular focus on the implications of a life span perspective. To learn more about our course offerings or to register to take an online course, visit our online continuing education website today.

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Universal Design Education Online

UDEO is an online resource which supports the teaching and study of universal design. It also provides a place where educators can interact with each other. Our goal is to develop a community of learners who exchange information for the benefit of all.

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Advanced Graduate Education

Graduate education for advanced students is a key method for advancing capacity in universal design. The IDeA Center make use of three Master’s programs and two PhD programs at the University at Buffalo to recruit and train researchers in universal design.

PhD students are particularly important to advance scholarship and research. The IDeA Center is constantly recruiting graduate students to four departments: Architecture, Urban Planning, Industrial Engineering (Human Factors) and Rehabilitation Sciences. There are Master’s level concentrations established in the first three departments and PhD programs in the latter two. We coordinate advanced training opportunities with the use of international scholar programs like the Fulbright Program and outreach to universities in other countries.