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“Universal design is an approach to design that incorporates products as well as building features which, to the greatest extent feasible, can be used by everyone” (Mace, 1985).

RERC 2010 Mission

rerc logoThe RERC will create housing, public buildings, and communities that are more accessible for people with disabilities and safer, healthier, and socially sustainable for the general public. It will identify and fill research gaps and develop critical tools for advancing the field of universal design and apply those tools to develop widely adopted standards and products. A Knowledge Translation in Action strategy will unify the outreach efforts to increase awareness of the RERC activities and universal design in general as well as improve capacity in research and practice. All these activities will be founded on and guided by a model of “evidence-based practice.”

RERC Project List
East lake commons sidewalks

R1: Improving Home Modifications for Aging in Place

R2: Improving UD Standards for Public Buildings

R3: Improving Rights-of-Way Using Universal Design


University at Buffalo's South Ellicott Suites

DV1: Standards for Universal Design

DV2: Product Development for Knowledge Transfer


Professor Edward Steinfeld and a student

Advanced Graduate Program in Universal Design

Professional Education in Universal Design

University Education Consortium

Advanced Graduate and Professional Education in Universal Design

front covers from a variety of publications

Scientific and Trade Publications

Electronic Media

Outreach and Conference Program