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Project Co-Leads: Edward Steinfeld, Arch.D and Geoff Fernie, PhD., P.Eng

Abstract: The Design with Industry Partnerships Project will develop a series of universally designed products to be used in the built environment. The products will be designed with industry partners to ensure their adoption and introduction into the marketplace and to leverage RERC funding with corporate resources. Each product will introduce innovative solutions to design problems and develop breakthrough products in a specific industry. The products will all have a user centered focus that merges style, technology and value to maximize lifestyle impact, features, and ergonomics.


Touch-Smart Navigation System – a new touch-based "smart modeling” technology currently being developed by Touch Graphics to a prototype navigation aid.


Universal Lift – a new type of lift to support the building market that can be easily installed, is less expensive, safe for ambulatory users, less visually intrusive than traditional platform lifts and ideal for traditional neighborhood developments.


Integrated Grab Bar System – grab bars that can be integrated with fixtures and cabinets to improve safety for all users, reduce the stigma of grab bars and lower the cost of bathroom modifications.


Future Partnerships – Winter Climate Interventions

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