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The Bridging the Gap Project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, aims to increase awareness and knowledge for the next generation of architects about design for a pluralistic population including those often underrepresented like people who have disabilities, health conditions, low incomes, older people and children. Bridging the Gap provides HBCU architecture departments an opportunity to develop their curricula on universal/inclusive design to improve the lives and welfare of America’s urban and rural underserved communities. At the same time, it offers the HBCU schools an opportunity to take a leadership role in the education of design professionals in this field.


Project Accomplishments:

hbcu advisory committeeSecond Task Force meeting held at the NCA&T campus in Greensboro, North Carolina on February 26-27, 2010 read more >>



New and Noteworthy:

UD in NOMA 2010 Student Design Competition

UD in NOMA 2010 Student Design CompetitionProject Task Force member Lakeisha Henderson, principal of Baltimore’s Design Collaborative Group, worked closely with the NOMA student design competition committee so Universal Design is a major feature of project competition entries in the 2010 student competition.  The students’ competition entries will be presented at NOMA’s 2010 meeting, Reinvent, Rebuild, Reconnect:  Innovation Can Happen Through Turbulent Times, on October 7 to 9 in Boston, Massachusetts.

NOMA 2010 Workshop Plans

The Project will sponsor a session at the NOMA conference and will continue to collaborate with NOMA on a display and publication of student work.

Harvard GSD Lunch Box session: Inclusive Design in the 21st Century

inclusive design in the 21st century lecture posterHarvard GSD Student Group for Social Change is hosting a lunch box special meeting on Inclusive Design in the 21st Century featuring IDeA
Center Professor Beth Tauke and Senior Research Associate Susan Hunter on April 19th
.  The presentations, "In Place of the Other: Inclusive
Community Outreach" and "Who is the Other?  Understanding the Demography of Inclusive Design" will be posted on this website in the tools section early in May.


Recommended Books:

victoria kaplan's book coverVictoria Kaplan’s Structural Inequality

just below the line book coverJust Below the Line: Disability, Housing, and Equality in the South