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Project Coordinator: Jim Lenker, PhD., OTR/L, ATP

Abstract: A suite of evaluation tools for universal design practice will be developed based on the research methods used in the R2 projects. The tools will address current gaps in the evaluation methodologies available for universal design and give attention to critical mobility, sensory and cognitive performance concerns. DV2.1 will provide designers and manufacturers with tools for usability testing to systematically evaluate consumer products in terms of Principles of Universal Design. The feasibility of consumer product universal design certification will also be explored. DV2.2 will develop and test a method to monitor and record key visual performance behaviors of people using products and environments. Such data will provide useful reference information for designers to accommodate visual performance in their designs. DV2.3 will develop an automated assessment tool for evaluating usability of products and environmental features. The first application will focus on issues of cognitive performance in universal design. DV2.4 will develop an application of a full scale environment simulator for designers, builders and manufacturers to test design features of outdoor environments and outdoor products in winter conditions. DV2.5 will develop an innovative tool that will provide a new way for designers and other to evaluate environments and products from the perspective of people who use walkers.

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